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Sophisticated data analysis and visualization.
Hiya Insight, processes the data within the Hiya HQ data platform, providing sophisticated data analysis and visualization, essential for delivering clear, accurate and timely intelligence. The Hiya Insight platform includes an extensive and comprehensive suite of tools to accurately quantify, analyze and visualize your organizations performance in absolute terms and also benchmarked against internal and external metrics.

Our applications and tools can take in data from your sales, transactional, marketing configurations, and other information resources to provide deep insights, establish previously unknown correlations and to demonstrate the specific scenarios in which customer conversion and other key business opportunities is greatest. Hiya Insight enables you to compare and track through different time frames and across geographies, enabling you to benchmark performance and achievement.

Every business has different trading processes, customer life cycles, and activity characteristics. We provide an expert team - consisting of business architects, marketing strategists, and engineers - who will partner with your organization and help you define and deliver on your requirements. Every solution rollout has different requirements, ranging from the installation and configuration of the APT sensors to the information feeds and resultant analytics. Our solutions are therefore highly unique to the organization, with bespoke elements ranging from the sensors' on-edge algorithms to the dashboards displaying the intelligence. Another reason for this is that progressive organizations use the Hiya Vision platform as a feedback loop in an iterative process, helping refine strategies and operations by discontinuing ineffective programs and allocating funds to those programs which deliver a superior footfall return on investment. This information is used to make specific, measurable, changes to their activities, maximizing business and customer-facing activities.

Full Visibility on the Impact of Operational Initiatives
Measuring the effectiveness of new initiatives, such as marketing promotions, changes in floor display, different product offerings, and different staff configurations is challenging. But if you are working with incomplete information, it is virtually impossible and the results cannot be trusted. Hiya Insight provides organizations with full visibility on the financial return from your key initiatives.

Sales data is an important factor in any evaluation but provides only part of the picture and can ultimately be misleading if acted upon in isolation. The number of a retail outlet's transactions during a certain time period compared to its traffic is by far the most accurate indicator of a company's performance. If you know how many customers arrived at your premises today (your opportunity) and the number of transactions you processed (your results), you will be able to see how successful you are at converting those opportunities into actual sales. Based on this it is possible to establish a benchmark for future improvement.

For example, consider the case of a retail chain which has just initiated a new marketing initiative. Management looking at the retail outlets' sales figures in isolation observes that they are flat. As a result it is determined that the initiative was not a success and it is discontinued. However, this could be a costly mistake, made as a consequence of incomplete data in the absence of any form of footfall measurement. It could be the case that the marketing campaign was in fact effective, increasing the number of customers arriving at the retail outlets. The lack of any increase in revenues may be due to a drop in the sales conversion ratio as a result of a factor such as too low a staff-to-customer ratio, inadequate display area setup / access, or point of sale issues. An organization integrating Hiya Vision with their operations will be able to identify and focus on the correct issues.

Hiya Insight can provide visibility through conversion rates or in-store customer behavior patterns in order to optimize your initiatives. Without footfall or customer traffic data your organization is blind.
Hiya Insight allows you to answer the following questions:
  • Did more customers arrive at the retail outlets?
  • Where did traffic increase the by the greatest and the least?
  • At what times was the onsite traffic the highest?
  • What was the conversion rate and how did it scale relative to onsite traffic?
  • What was the staff-to-customer ratio throughout the time period and was there adequate coverage?
  • If there were stock outs or operational issues, how much money was left on the table?
  • What was the customer yield and how did it compare to previous time frames?
Contact us to learn more about how Hiya Vision can help your organization measure and understand the full impact of operational initiatives.

Hiya Vision Products

Manage Your Most Valuable Asset

Virtually all investment, from location to operations to marketing and merchandising, is devoted to creating the traffic asset. Hiya Vision provides your business with accurate customer measurement and analytics.
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Do You Know Your Conversion Rate?

You do with Hiya Vision. Establish how successful you are at converting opportunity into actual sales and establish a benchmark for future improvement.
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Managed Service Partnerships

Through our Managed Service Partnerships the Hiya Group can help realize your business objectives faster with less risk and at a lower cost through an effective business and process strategy.
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A Global View

Hiya Vision users are frequently surprised when they discover that retail outlets in their portfolio, which they had thought to be virtually identical when measured by sales, were very different when traffic and conversion rate data was added.

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Data Integration

Our applications and tools can take in data from your sales, transactional, marketing configurations, and other information resources to provide deep insights, establish previously unknown correlations.
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Data Integration

Our applications and tools can take in data from your sales, transactional, marketing configurations, and other information resources to provide deep insights, establish previously unknown correlations.

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