About Hiya Vision
More than footfall.
Hiya Vision helps organizations increase their profitability, selling efficiency, customer
service, and realize a range of optimization opportunities by measuring and
analyzing customer numbers, sales conversion rates and customer behavior.
Hiya APT is much more than just a people counter - it can provide you with accurate measurement of internal traffic, customer pass-through rate, interaction/ dwell time at designated zones, such as display areas, kiosks, media, departments, etc

Hiya Vision clients fall into two categories:
  • Organizations who have not yet implemented a vision-based strategy and are now looking to benefit from the latest in industrial vision technology. This includes businesses who have come to the realization that the people who arrive at their retail outlets every day are their most valuable asset. In fact customers can be considered the ultimate asset - the culmination of investment in premises, operations, and marketing. There is increased understanding across various industries that accurate customer measurement and analytics is essential.

  • Hiya Vision clients are also existing people-counting users looking for a more sophisticated solution. The reasons to upgrade to the Hiya Vision platform can include requirements such as achieving more accurate measurement, better data analytics, establishing deeper system and process integration, or obtaining a real-time activation capability.

The Hiya Group
Hiya Vision is part of Hiya Group's multi-platform suite, which enables businesses to easily establish services, visibility and communications with customers, ensuring that the right message and functionality reaches the right audience via the right media at the right time. The Hiya Group platforms provide the deep data integration and cross-channel delivery required for such solutions. You have the choice of using each specialized platform on it's own or combined with the other Hiya products. A modular based architecture means you can also integrate with internal enterprise systems, providing rapid bespoke turnkey solutions. We can also supply you with the managed systems and services to facilitate the creation, automation and delivery of relevant, multi-channel services and messaging, allowing you to focus on your core business.

The Hiya channels such as mail, mobile, loyalty and social, provide organizations with the ability to develop meaningful dialogues over time, deepening the customer relationship with each interaction. Sophisticated data modeling and analytics help businesses continually optimize their cross-channels communications and deploy a creative approach to achieve extraordinary results.

The Hiya Group suite of platforms delivers solutions that are:
Fast: Greater automation and reduced manual / workforce requirements.
Easy: Less integration work required, unified processes are already built in and managed - all accessible via a single vendor relationship.
Economical: No need to pay premium, full-service prices - you benefit from economies of scale.
Effective: Outbound and inbound channel management enables an interactive, cross-channel services and dialogue with customers.
Intelligent: Event-driven dialogue base

Manage Your Most Valuable Asset

Virtually all investment, from location to operations to marketing and merchandising, is devoted to creating the traffic asset. Hiya Vision provides your business with accurate customer measurement and analytics.
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Do You Know Your Conversion Rate?

You do with Hiya Vision. Establish how successful you are at converting opportunity into actual sales and establish a benchmark for future improvement.
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Managed Service Partnerships

Through our Managed Service Partnerships the Hiya Group can help realize your business objectives faster with less risk and at a lower cost through an effective business and process strategy.
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A Global View

Hiya Vision users are frequently surprised when they discover that retail outlets in their portfolio, which they had thought to be virtually identical when measured by sales, were very different when traffic and conversion rate data was added.

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Data Integration

Our applications and tools can take in data from your sales, transactional, marketing configurations, and other information resources to provide deep insights, establish previously unknown correlations.
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Data Integration

Our applications and tools can take in data from your sales, transactional, marketing configurations, and other information resources to provide deep insights, establish previously unknown correlations.

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Careers with Hiya Group

Hiya Group provides SaaS platform solutions to some of the biggest brands, globally. If working on ground-breaking projects with an unconventional, fast-growing technology company appeals to you, then please review our open positions. Learn more

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